MEL – The most beautiful towns in Italy


What to see in Mel, a small guide in order to not miss any place of interest/attraction

The centre is studded with important 17th-century buildings, churches and scenic squares.

The Civic Museum of Archaeology presents the history of the Veneti tribe of 3,500 years ago, when this people colonised what is now modern-day Veneto.

 On a rocky spur in the surrounding countryside stands Zumelle Castle, the only castle to have survived the vicissitudes of Val Belluna, whose history has its roots in Roman times, as a guardpost on the Claudia Augusta Altinate military road. In its age-old history, the castle has played a key role in bloody struggles with barbarians, as a defence of the peninsula.


One of the highlights of the town of Mel is undoubtedly the Antica Locanda Cappello. Dating back to the 17th century, it is the oldest inn in Mel and a place of historical importance that has welcomed illustrious figures. In addition to being a restaurant, it is also a wine shop, with rooms embellished by valuable frescoes and decorations from that period.

Brent de l’Art Canyon

The Brent de l’Art is a spectacular canyon located in Sant’Antonio in Tortal (550 m), a district of Trichiana (Belluno), in Valbelluna.

It is fascinating in winter, when the canyon freezes, and spectacular in summer, when its colours are enhanced by the high sun.

Grotta Azzurra

Now famous, thanks to a Facebook post in 2017 that went viral, Grotta Azzurra is a jewel with turquoise and emerald waters, immersed in a quiet location that merits contemplation after a pleasant walk along the footpath leading there.

When to visit:

In the summer, when Zumelle Castle offers various events with birds of prey and stories of other times.