La Vineria Wine Experience


What does it mean to be a Wine Hotel

We have been very lucky: we are located in the area of the Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG hills, near Valdobbiadene. Together with our passion, this made us decide to become something more than a normal 4-star hotel: we chose to be a wine hotel surrounded by the most famous vineyards in the world.

It is certainly a great challenge, but our goal is to provide guests with a high-level service dedicated to our local treasure: wine. For this reason, we constantly stay up-to-date and some of our staff have completed the sommelier course. Inside, you will find “La Vineria” wine bar.

There isn’t just the winery: you can also taste our best wines at the Il Melograno restaurant and during aperitifs, where they will always be offered with great attention paid to the pairings.

Our area is also famous for grappas, and we have a selection of high quality bottles available that is perfect for your tastings.


The wines and our cellars

Wine is not only one of the most famous products from Italy and our region: it is something that creates an experience that goes beyond taste, fills the soul and conveys unique sensations. Only those who, like us, truly love wine can pass on its value to those who want to expand their knowledge.

For this reason, we have selected wines from the best wine cellars in our area.
 We have strong relationships with the wine cellars and winemakers from the area, which we know personally we feel we can present to our guests because we know their value. Most of the wines you will find in the restaurant and winery come from native grape varieties.

And if you liked the wine you taste in the hotel, thanks to our partnerships with the wine cellars, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a complete experience: you can choose to buy your favourite wine directly from the hotel or to enhance the experience with a visit to the cellars.


La Vineria “Wine experience”

Our new “Wine experience” winery has a character that is captivating, decisive, gourmet, out of the ordinary and locally sourced. We will welcome you every day with a vast array of local wines from high quality local wine cellars and other wines from all over Italy. Our bottles are displayed on elegant shelves, to be tasted in the company of typical local products such as cheeses and cold cuts. In addition to tastings, it is also possible to buy the products directly, saving considerable time and convenience. We have also designed a lounge area and an outdoor space with tables suitable for enjoying the cool of summer evenings with a good glass of Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG or Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. If, once you have tasted the wines, you can’t resist and want to see the green rows of vines directly for yourself, we can help you organise a tour of our partner wine cellars. We are part of the “Prosecco Hills” business network.
The “Wine Experience” Winery will offer events related to tastings with partner wine cellars or those who want to get to know the area
, as well as vertical or horizontal tastings, experiences related to food and wine, a cooking school and fun evenings.

In addition to wine, there will also be local products on offer: cheeses from small dairies or mountain huts, sausages made with the most traditional recipes, creative jams, baked goods or Venetian oil, which you can also buy and take home as a souvenir of your holiday.



 Itinerary of 2 wines accompanied by our Sommeliers
 2 delicious venetian “cicchetti”
 € 16.00

Tasting guided by our
 Sommeliers Itinerary of 4 types of wine
 Toasted bread and extra virgin olive oil
 Table setting
 € 32.00

Tasting guided by our Sommeliers
 Itinerary of 3 types of Venetian grappa
Pairing of 3 selected chocolates (dark, milk and white)
 € 22.00


The wine list

Our fine wine list is constantly updated.
 Many of our wine cellars are 0 km away. We have chosen small, high quality and award-winning wineries, not the usual famous ones that you could taste anywhere, to give you the possibility of a unique and varied experience.