FELTRE – Vertical town


What to see in Feltre, a small guide in order to not miss any places of interest/attraction

What to visit in Feltre

Feltre is one of the gateways to the Belluno Dolomites National Park and immediately reveals itself as a pleasant town with several tourist attractions to discover:

  • The Clock Tower: the perfect starting point in the historic centre to discover the history of this age-old town;
  • Teatro de la Sena: located inside the 16th-century Palazzo della Ragione, a true gem, reminiscent, as a smaller version, of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice. Its story is linked with the names of Carlo Goldoni, some of whose works were staged here, and the great Andrea Palladio, who designed the wooden arcade.
  • Carlo Rizzarda” modern art gallery: a museum that is unique in the world, with over 400 pieces in wrought iron by the famous blacksmith-artist Carlo Rizzarda.
  • Roman city: The Feltre archaeological zone, excavated between 1970 and 1976, with a 1,000 m² area open to visitors, is now a genuine Roman and medieval archaeological district.

And how can we forget the true food and beverage highlight of the area?

The Pedavena Beer Hall! Italy’s top venue for sales of beer to the public, with over 3 million tankards served.

Local specialties and good music are never lacking. A tip: make a reservation if you’re planning to go at the weekend!