La Vigna SPA

Made with a wine theme!

A 200-square-metre gem created with a wine theme that was inaugurated in October 2018.
Our spa is also open to non-guests upon reservation, because we want to guarantee the relaxation and privacy of our customers.
 Those who use a room on a day-use basis will have priority over the reservation and can go down directly from the room to the spa with the lift.
 Make yourself at home: our guests can access our services such as breakfast, restaurant and wine bar, during the day, even in a bathrobe.

During the summer, the Canova Garden is also open as a place where you can relax with sun loungers and in the warm jacuzzi. You can then stay there for an aperitif or an elegant candlelit dinner

Opening hours

LA VIGNA SPA will be open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM, except for short breaks during the day to ensure checks and cleaning.

It will be possible to stay inside the wet area up to 30 mins before closing time, so we kindly ask you to keep this in mind.

La Vigna SPA Party

We accept groups of a maximum of 20 people with exclusive use of the spa (treatments excluded)
We also accept payments by debit card, Visa, Master card, American Express and Diners.


One spa, 100 possibilities. You can:

  • Book treatments even if you are not a hotel guest
  • Book a day-use room to combine with the spa experience
  • Experience one of the events held in the spa related to well-being and food and wine
  • Organise parties and book for small groups of friends
  • Enjoy a unique experience thanks to tastings of the best local products
  • Make a special gift, we’ll put together the best package for you

What you will find in our La Vigna spa


Russian sauna in seasoned spruce, a wall with bricks of pink salt and the stove with double dry/wet action. The same sauna has two functions: as an 80° sauna and a bio sauna, with a maximum temperature of 65 degrees and a maximum humidity of 60%. The sauna has many benefits: it strengthens the immune defences and purifies the skin thanks to the stimulation of sweating, which eliminates toxins in the body and detoxifies the kidneys and liver.


Cold melted ice flakes offer immediate and unmissable refreshment after the sauna or any other treatment that raises the body temperature.


You can relax in the jacuzzi at the end of the wellness programme with a water temperature of around 28-34° with 2 water jets, 2 lying positions and relaxation benches.

Hydromassage jet for necks

An energetic flow of 15 litres per minute of water at room temperature that massages the base of the neck and back to relax and stretch the muscle fibres. 

2 Emotional showers with aromatherapy

1 Constant single jet tropical shower with tropical essence and water at 34°.
1 Spray shower with cold mist nozzles, eucalyptus essence and temperature around 18° – 20°.


Useful tips and other information

When to arrive for the treatments
 We recommended you arrive at least 15 minutes before the time of the appointment, as any delays will stop you from benefitting from the treatment for its entire duration.

How to cancel
 There are no penalties if the appointment is canceled by 8.00 PM on the day before the agreed treatment.
 In case of subsequent communications or no show, we reserve the right to charge 50% of the amount of the treatment.
 Special conditions will be applied in the case of same-day bookings and/or exclusive services, and will be agreed upon confirmation.

How to dress
 We like guests to feel at ease so to satisfy all tastes the following are mandatory:

  • use of the towel in the Sauna
  • use of swimwear in the pool

Children and teens
 Their joyfulness and energy do not match very well with the quiet and relaxed atmosphere of our rooms. For this reason, they can only access the spa from the age of 17, and the treatments from the age of 18.

Medical Conditions
 If you have any type of medical condition, please mention this at the time of booking. Some treatments may not be recommended. Furthermore, before starting the session
, it is advisable to inform the operator of any health conditions that could compromise the outcome.

Spa and wellness treatments are not recommended during the first months of pregnancy, or in the case of infectious skin diseases, allergies, recent surgery, high blood pressure, daily or excessive intake of drugs, severe heart disease, cancer, fever, dislocations or fractures, epilepsy, asthma, and other acute conditions.

If you have any of these specific health conditions, it is essential that it is reported to the reception at the time of booking and also to the staff before the treatment.

Upon your entry you will be required to sign a release.

Jewellery and valuables
 Most treatments are easier to perform without the interference of jewels and jewellery.
 It is therefore advisable not to wear bracelets and necklaces.
 The Management assumes no responsibility in the event of loss.