Social distancing for common areas and services

We have implemented new services to reduce interpersonal contact and enhance distancing measures.

  • Online check-in: Before arrival, you can enter your own document details in order to speed up the key-collection procedure, without having to wait. You simply have to present your documents for a quick verification.
  • A safe distance between the tables in the breakfast room to allow the services to be performed in complete safety.
  • We will use disposable materials as much as possible (paper placemats and serviettes)
  • All breakfast services will be “à la carte”: menus are booked at the time of your arrival, with the option of room service or use of the dining room with adaptations for safe distances. Dishes will be served directly at the tables and there will be no buffet service.
  • The tables are arranged so that the seats ensure personal distancing of at least 1 metre between guests, except for people who, in accordance with the current provisions, are not subject to personal distancing.
  • Several hand sanitising stations have been provided in the common areas and in bedrooms, with specific products and helpful information on the rules to follow in order not to incur any risk.
  • We have trained all our staff, who are constantly supplied with gloves and masks, and will ensure that safe distancing and anti-contagion rules are followed.
  • The reception and payment area is fitted with a glass screen.
  • We favour an exchange of air in indoor environments with natural ventilation.
  • Use of the lift is allowed in compliance with the safe distancing rules and with masks.
  • We frequently clean and disinfect all local spaces, with particular attention to common areas and surfaces that are touched more frequently.
  • Ventilation outlets and grilles are cleaned with clean micro fibre cloths moistened with soap and water or 75° ethyl alcohol.

Wellness centre and personal services

  • Access to the wellness centre and the outdoor hydromassage pool is regulated based on the spaces available.
  • The operator and the guest must wear masks for respiratory protection for the entire time that provision of the service requires a distance of less than 1 metre.
  • The operator will be equipped with a visor and a protective mask.Before and after each service provided to the customer, the operator will perform hand sanitation.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of the room and natural ventilation will be guaranteed between one treatment and the next.

Our cancellation terms

We are constantly updating our cancellation terms in response to the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, official restrictions and suspensions of travel or meetings, and quarantine or lockdown measures announced by governments around the world. Our goal is to offer you as much flexibility and convenience for your planning as possible. We have made the following updates to our cancellation policy.