MAROSTICA – Town of Human Chess


What to see in Marostica, a small guide in order to not miss any places of interest/attraction

From the first glance, Marostica cannot remain unnoticed: a beautiful mountain from which imposing steep walls rise. Its charming effect is guaranteed!

A few hours are sufficient for a visit to its small historic centre.

The symbol of the city is Piazza Castello, the square paved as a huge marble chess board, where the Living Chess Game of Marostica is re-enacted every second weekend of September on even years (the next game will be held on 9 – 10 – 11 September 2022).

The event, known all over the world, dates back as far as 1454 and involves over 500 participants, with seats for 3,600 spectators. Since 1958, the show has been staged in cities all over the world, from Brussels to Toronto and from Los Angeles to São Paulo in Brazil.

The historic centre lies between the lower and the upper castles, the latter of which is reached by a path which is quite steep in places, but the view compensates for the effort.

When to visit:

The second weekend of September in even years for the Living Chess Game