CASTELFRANCO VENETO Art city of Giorgione


Castelfranco Veneto is the city of Giorgione, the enigmatic art genius.

The six towers and walls of the castle, which has an almost square perimeter, are surrounded by a deep moat, giving the town a medieval appearance.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Casa Giorgione, a building now used as a museum and located beside Castelfranco Cathedral, where its famous Castelfranco Madonna is housed.

The extraordinarily beautiful Academic Theatre in Castelfranco Veneto was designed in 1746 by local architect Francesco Maria Preti (1701-1774) and commissioned by the Society of Academics, in particular, Jacopo and Giordano Riccati. It was built to Preti’s designs between 1754 and 1780, with the exception of the facade and the atrium, which were added between 1853 and 1858, based on designs by the engineer Antonio Barea, also from Castelfranco.

Just outside the walls stands Villa Revedin and Parco Bolasco, a magnificent, large park of over 7 hectares, with ponds, bridges and greenhouses. It’s not difficult to see why it was once known as the “Paradise”. It is now owned by the University of Padua, to which it was bequeathed by the last family that lived here. It is worth mentioning that in 2018, it won the award for the “Most Beautiful Park in Italy” from the National Parks and Gardens Network, in the Public Parks category.

This location is part of the Isola dei Musei itinerary: http://isoladeimusei.it/it/