Candle Massage € 68 | 50 minuti

A vegetable oils and butter-based candle, with nutritional and hydrating properties, that becomes a hot oil. It gives skin elasticity and relaxes the mind. Without preservatives and with captivating combinations: cinnamon and orange,
green tea and vanilla, coconut and fleur de their

Hot Stone €72 | 50 minuti

Beneficial ritual obtained with a deep and relaxing massage using hot basaltic and volcanic stones, it helps loosing up
any muscular tension as well as bringing a profound physical and mental well-being

Aromassage €70| 50 minuti
€50| 30 minuti

Personalized massage performed with booms or essential oils that penetrate deeply creating a perfect
harmony between mind and body. (Decontracting, relaxing, soothing, anti-stress)

Massage from Head to Feet €68 | 50 minuti
€50 | 30 minuti

Holistic massag, based on the traditional Chinese medicine philosophy. It applies various massage techniques for a
personalized and super regenerating treatment.

Sports €68 | 50 minuti

A specific treatment aimed at relaxing muscles after an intense workout or for those who regularly practice sport. This specific massage is applied with slow but deep pressure and manipulation, using stimulating essential oils (arnica, tea tree, eucalyptus)

Feet Reflexology €62 | 50 minuti

Relaxing and enveloping foot massage. Through pressure applied in specific points under your foot it is possible to
restore one’s energy equilibrium, bringing relaxation and easing off tiredness and stress

*** check for availability

Lomi Lomi €75 | 50 minuti

An experiential journey! This is a particular Hawaiian massage that is renown to bring physical wellbeing as well as re-balancing your inner harmony.
*** check for availability

Californiano € 75 | 50 minuti

Also known as psychosomatic or sensitive massage, it aims to convey body and mind, in order to reach maximum
positive results in your body, hence in yourself.
*** check for availability

Shiatsu €68| 50 minuti

Ancient oriental art based on pressures applied with palms, thumbs or elbows, alongside stretching techniques, following the acupuncture’s meridians to remove all energy blocks. Shiatsu stimulates the immune system ability to heal itself and gives profound relaxation.
*** check for availability

OLIO AL CIOCCOLATO € 72 | 50 minuti € 55 | 30 minuti
CUP CAKE € 76.00 | 50 minuti
CANDELA AL CIOCCOLATO € 68.00 | 50 minuti

The chocolate massage is defined by slow and circular movements that enables the body to absorb the theobromine. This is a substance found in cocoa that helps the regularity of blood flow as well as being a powerful antioxidant and fighting cellulitis.
Anti-cellulitis and fights water retention. Highly protective and nutritious. Stimulates endorphins. Softer skin.

RITUALE AL CAFFE‘ €75 | 50 minuti

After two hours in our wellness centre we suggest: coffee based peeling and mud application, with its strong anticellulitis effect, to fight water retention and contributing to shaping your curves. Finish with moisturizing cream. Scrub/shower/mud/

Grapes’ virtues

Bocelli 1831 and Speziali Laurentiani, commissioned a new formula for a new line of beauty products containing pomace extract. Speziali Lauretani, is a renown herbs and natural cosmetics producer “Made in Tuscany”. A new phytocomplex extracted from all primary and secondary active principles derivating from grape skin and seeds, an innovative procedure
applied in order to only extract active principles from wine or grapes: LAJATICOMPLEX, revolutionary in the beauty world!

Luxury Facial Ritual

RITUALE VISO MAGIA D’UVA € 75 | 50 minuti
A youth elixir!

A face-wash to cleanse and detox the skin with Olive oil-based cleansing lotion, with lajati compound, richin antioxidant polyphenols, it contains grape seed oil, rich in vit. E. Low- alcohol skin toner with marigold extract, soothing and rich in vit. C Exfoliating Grape Jam, with a gentle scrub effect thanks to its sugary granules, it is gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause irritation, enriched with essential oils: sweet orange (astringent and smoothing), neroli (healing and regenerating) and ylang-ylang (hydrating and invigorating). Hydrating mask with emollient, softening and protective properties. Cleavage, shoulders, arms and hand massage, with grape seed oil. Serum with a high resveratrol content and low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid, it carries the active particles of the cream in order to be absorbed by the body. The two elements combined guarantee the benefit of reducing lines only a few minutes after the application. Anti-aging face cream, rich in oligopeptides and mucopolysaccharides, precursor of fibronectin and of collagen’s active fraction, ensure compact and elastic skin. The elevated low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid concentration donates turgidity to the skin and an important line-filling sensation. It is a powerful skin anti-ageing.


Energizing massage with grape seed oil and white wine extracts, with antioxidant, elasticizing and stimulating microcirculation action. For a regenerating feeling of newfound well-being.


The ground grape seeds, with an exfoliating effect, are immersed in a sweet elixir of red and white wine for an immediate detox effect. Its double action, anti-aging and smoothing, gives a wonderfully velvety skin, after the scrub. Followed by the application of the Crema Dolce, antiaging cream with white or red wine, soft and delicate, with an antioxidant and renewing function.
Scrub/Shower /Cream application