The Venetian villas of Andrea Palladio


Famous all over the world for their beauty and uniqueness, Palladian villas are Venetian villas, mainly located within the territory of the Republic of Venice, particularly the Vicenza area. These wonderful buildings date back to the mid-sixteenth century and were designed by the famous architect Andrea Palladio. The villas’ inhabitants were local aristocratic and upper-class families. The City of Vicenza and 24 Palladian villas are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. What particular aspect would convince you to visit these wonders? They differ from the other villas of the period found in certain parts of Italy because they were small productive complexes, with warehouses, storage barns for agricultural work, stables and service buildings.

Which ones are the nicest to visit? Here is a small list of them to help you make the difficult choice.

Villa Barbaro – Maser (TV)

Villa Barbaro, or the Maser villa, is one of Andrea Palladio’s greatest works. Even today, this villa is in the centre of a farm where very fine wines are bottled.

Villa Emo – Vedelago (TV)

The villa, in the locality of Fanzolo, is in the heart of an agricultural area. It consists of the house, a long telescopic hallway, a huge agricultural area, a garden and the houses forming the village of Brolo.

Cà Corner Chiminelli – Sant’Andrea (TV)

Cà Corner Chiminelli is located just outside Castelfranco Veneto. Only the eastern side of the old frescoed enclosure wall still remains. The complex consists of the villa, the garden and the adjacent courtyard, which are suitable for theatre and music.

Villa Cornaro Piombino – Dese (PD)

Villa Cornaro Piombino was built for the nobleman Giorgio Cornaro. This beautiful villa is famous for the frescoes by Paolo Veronese that can be seen inside it.

Villa Contarini – Piazzola sul Brenta (PD)

In Piazzola sul Brenta you can visit Villa Contarini, a villa with the typical features of the Venetian noble villas of the “Venetian villa society” period.

Villa Pisani – Stra (VE)

Villa Pisani, also known as “La Nazionale”, is one of the best-known examples of the Venetian villas on the Brenta riviera. It is distinguished by its park, in which you can see a box hedge maze, one of only two in existence in Italy.

Villa Caldogno – Caldogno (VI)

Caldogno is both the name of a family and of the area. During the sixteenth century, this area was managed by the family as a huge farm estate, with several residences. The Losco Caldogno villa is very important.

Olympic Theatre – Vicenza

The Olympic Theatre in Vicenza is famous for being the world’s first brick-built covered theatre. Wood, stucco and plaster were the materials used for its interiors.

Villa “La Rotonda” – Vicenza

The villa, known in Vicenza as Villa “la Rotonda”, has always been famous as a destination for artists, poets, rulers, travellers and intellectuals. Its elegance has a charm that has always attracted people. See it for yourself!

Villa Godi Malinverni – Lugo di Vicenza (VI)

Villa Godi Malinverni enjoys a panoramic position on a ridge with a view of the mountains and the plain. The villa was built in 1533 at the behest of Antonio Godi.

Villa Morosini – Cappello Cartigliano (VI)

This villa was built for the Morosini family near the banks of the river Brenta in the 1580s. Only the main house and the two service buildings can still be seen today.

Villa Angarano – Bassano del Grappa

This majestic villa is interesting to visit not only for its opulent architecture, but also to taste the wine produced on the estate.